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FireTree Design, LLC
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April 01, 2019
WordPress Beaver Tunnels Addon for Beaver builder plugin is an Exact Copy of Beaver Tunnels Addon for Beaver builder Plugin distributed by FireTree Design, LLC. Here you can download free Beaver Tunnels Addon for Beaver builder plugin under GPL license. Educational purpose only. No registration needed or no subscription. For commercial Purpose we highly recommend purchase from Developers.
Freethub is not affiliated or in any way to related third-party developers or trademark owners, including: WordPress, WooCommerce, WooThemes, Yoast, etc.
When the Developers release a new version of the plugin/theme, we will share and you can download it free from freethub.

Allow Beaver Builder to travel outside of the content area and tunnel to alternative areas of your website.

What does Beaver Tunnels Do?

Beaver Tunnels takes advantage of the action hooks accessible in well-liked plugins and themes to conditionally inject Beaver Builder Templates into your web site.

Easily Edit Templates

When in Page Builder mode, any embedded templates can indicate that they’re editable and permit you to navigate to the template edit screen to edit them. Once done editing a tunneled template, you’ll be came back to the page you were editing.

Visual Hook Guide

Beaver Tunnels includes a visual hook guide that may be activated from the front-end of your website to check a visual representation of wherever every action hook is found.

Minimal template Editor view

When viewing and editing saved Templates, Beaver Tunnels displays your template during a minimal view containing solely the template you’re editing.

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